Black Walnut - Charcuterie Board with Epoxy Resin Inlay 18"x10.5"


Made with beautiful locally, and sustainably sourced live edge Black Walnut. The deep rich tone of the walnut is unique and is only found in a few places in North America. Epoxy resin has been used in the creation to fill the voids and cracks in the wood giving an incredible uniqueness to this board, and feature for the eye to discover. This board has been individually designed by Andrew and is one of a kind.

Built with passion. This board is a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art. Every board is designed by Andrew Neufeld, the artist using the unique shapes of the wood and grain to generate each piece. We strive to produce the highest quality products whether small or large. 

 Perfect for building an exquisite charcuterie spread with the finest hand foods. The wood and finish are 100% food safe, so enjoy placing the food directly on the board.

 The board can also be used in the décor of the kitchen and home. Use a centre piece on the table with candles or a hanging wall piece. A guaranteed to be a conversation starter.


  • Size:18x10.5"
  • Weight:2kg
  • One-of-a-kind design. This piece is drawn and shaped by hand without the use of templates. No other piece is the same.
  • Wood Species: Black Walnut, sustainably sourced locally to Elora, Ontario.
  • Finished with a durable certified 100% food safe finish for long lasting protection.
  • Custom Engraving Available on all pieces.
  • Fast Shipping