44" Wooden Wall Clock handmade from Spalted Maple Burl - CL228

This massive wall clock measuring in at 44" tall by 39" wide is one of the most rare pieces of wood I have come across. It is a cross-section cut  of the the tree and the attache wood burl.

Burls are a growth anomaly that happens on trees and can be caused by disease or insects. The tree continues to grow them and they become very sought after woods due to their incredible natural patters that the wood produces. This burl was harvested in the early 1970's and is very rare to see something in this size and age. 

This is a perfect additions to your home or office decor. It will be a continuous source of conversation!!

Proper mounting system included with purchase. 

Note: the wood has been heat treated to ensure nothing living remains in it. 

Description and Specifications